About Chuck and Fries

A friend* suggested that I create a website (FrenchFryHistory.com) so that my two essays written under the auspices of the Chicago Literary Club that focus on the history of French fries would be more widely available to people like you who have some curiosity about such a seemingly pedestrian subject.

This is not the place to come for French fry recipes (though the essence of how to make great, classic fries is to be found herein), but, rather, I have chosen to take a look at the cultural and sociological role of French fries through human history. Wherever mankind goes, their favorite foods follow, and evolve, bending to the course of history and vice versa. Variations on the fry and its place in the big picture of civilization, go along for the ride.

While I can make no claim to gourmet-ship, I have developed over the decades a taste for the good things in life, at least in many regards, and the little French fry has found a big place in my stomach, if not my heart. So come along and join me for that ride into a fulsome taste of crisp and salty history.

*Tony Bielat, also ex of McDonald’s

P.S. Yes, I served as vice president of corporate communications for McDonald’s (1985-2000), but McD’s has nothing to do with this blog, other than having provided a long launching pad for my interest in those cute fried tubers.

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